Jen Davis

With nearly a decade of design experience at her back, Jen founded Hello June Creative with the wish to help brands who value beauty and simplicity level-up their visual identities, attract higher paying clients, raise their prices, and make more money.

June is the month in which Jen’s son was born. To her, it represents rebirth, springtime, and warmth, and she brings that sense of flourishing growth to each of HJC’s projects.

Meet the hello June Team
Josh Smith


Josh Smith

Josh is a self-taught developer who has learned to harness the power of Webflow and sunshine to make your online experience dreams come true. He believes in making websites and applications customer centered, using data as a superpower to help our clients grow.

Rachel Leslie

Copywriter & Marketer

Rachel Leslie

Rachel is a former journalist and marketing expert on a mission to help brands share their impact through story-driven strategies and compelling copy. When she’s not typing away, you’ll find her roaming around Portland trying out the latest coffee shops or venturing further afield for some much-needed sunshine.

Jen Chuah

Shopify Developer

Jen Chuah

Jen is a Shopify developer with a passion for bringing gorgeous designs to life. With years of experience as a business analyst, she cares about simplifying business processes for store owners, and helping them make more money from their online store.


Better: The Brand Designer Podcast

Jen and her designer buddy Giselle chat all things brand identity design in their podcast that’s all about helping other designers get “better” than they were yesterday. Their private Facebook group has over 1K members and they absolutely love giving back to the design community.


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