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Simple, welcoming & confident

A modern, bright brand for an inspirational woman.

Lisa Kelly is in the business of perspectives: creating them, guiding them, shifting them, and empowering people through them. She felt as if she was hiding behind her many business ventures and knew that it was time for her to step into the spotlight by offering coaching of all kinds to her community (business, career, health & fitness, personal, and life). Her mission is to help other women better themselves and improve their mindsets and lives rather than feeling trapped by their past experiences or circumstances. She does this by acting as an avenue of clarity and community for her clients, no matter what their interests or needs are. We wanted her brand to embody confidence and a deep sense of self-worth, purpose, and altruism while not confining her to any specific industry or niche. Her simple, geometric icon means something different to everyone who encounters it—we see a butterfly that symbolizes flourishing, and Lisa also sees a scarab that symbolizes existence, development, and growth. Both conceptualize the cycle of life and transformation, that was the perfect way to embody Lisa's offerings and values.

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