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Celebrating femininty through fashion & design

A thoughtful ecommerce solution for a boutique (and a woman) on a mission.

May came to Hello June with a dream she'd had for years—to launch her very own online boutique. She'd been working in the fashion industry for quite a while and would daydream about the day that she could own her own shop—inspiring others with her curated fashion selections while using her platform to be open, honest, and boost mental health awareness.

Helping other women who share May's own experiences is the driving force behind why May B. Chic exists, and we were delighted to partner with May to make her dreams a reality. May B. Chic is a 100% women owned and operate online boutique with a mission - for every woman to know that she is #NeverNotEnough through mental health awareness. Hello June provided Shopify web design & development services and carried out a successful launch.

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