3 Ways A Professionally Designed Website Will Change Your Business

If you have that inkling in the back of your mind to ditch your DIY site and start to really level-up your business, you’re 100% on the right track. Your potential customers can tell when strategy, thought, care, and professional design have gone into a website—and they can also tell when it’s an afterthought on the bottom of your to-do list. Your website is one of if not the MOST important part of your brand, and working with a professional will not only get your site to the next level, but also show your audience that you’re serious about your biz, trustworthy, and confident enough in your business to invest in yourself.

1 — Increase Trust With Potential Clients

When an interested potential client lands on your website, they will either stick around or they will be turned off and navigate away—and it usually only takes them a few seconds to make this decision! A professionally designed site will not only show your people who you are, what you value, build trust via testimonials and reviews, and show off your beautiful work—but it will also help guide them into a deeper relationship with your brand via your email list, blog, or contact information.

2 — Show Potential Clients Your Professionalism

Your clients want to work with or buy from someone who is successful and willing to invest in themselves. I said it—your audience will be turned off if they see that you didn’t put much effort into your site or obviously DIYed it. Use your site as a way to express how confident you are as a business owner and how you can make their lives better. There’s a reason the big names spend tens of thousands of dollars on branding and web design (I’m not as expensive, promise!) - they’re the MOST important parts of marketing yourself and your business.

3 — Automate Inquiries and Bookings

A beautiful Instagram page can only do so much for your business—“DM to book” just doesn’t look professional (and can take forever if you’re always communicating with clients this way!) Setting up a simple automated contact system that links to your email, integrating a scheduling tool like Acuity into your site, or using MindBody to automate your bookings will change. your. life - and save you a lot of time. Having a FAQ section, investment guide, or services menu will also cut down on answered repeated questions.


Your business needs a professionally designed website—your potential clients will trust you more and respect the confidence you have in your business. You’ll also save a boatload of time once you start automating client communication, booking, and making it easy for people to find answers to their questions.

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