5 Ways Branding Reps Your Business

Is your brand telling your audience the right story about who you are? Branding is more than just your logo - it’s a complete visual identity that gives your potential client the best and most memorable first impression. Branding is a tool that you can use to bridge the gap between your potential clients’ questions (i.e. “What does she offer?” “How will her service make my life better?”) and what you want them to know about your business (i.e. Your product is a high-end, luxury soap that’s 100% organic and uses only natural ingredients - and your business values transparency, trust, and communication).

Go along with me on a brand audit of YOUR visuals - are they helping or hurting your bottom line?

1 — Typography

Do your fonts tell your client the high level of service you provide? Fonts are one of the best ways to infuse your brand with a little personality. That doesn’t mean they need to be crazy or intricate - but there is a big difference between a large, all-caps, bold font and a font that’s dainty, feminine, and has smooth lines. What emotions or adjectives come to mind when looking at the fonts you use in your logo, website, and social media? Make sure they align with your business values.

2 — Colors

What mood do your colors inspire? How do you want your client to feel when looking at your brand? There’s a reason that certain colors have become iconic to certain brands - not only for brand recognition, but for the feelings they inspire. For example, cool blues and turquoises inspire a sense of calm or tranquility, whereas warmer colors like yellow and bright orange have a sense of urgency and liveliness. Make sure your colors align with how you want to present your brand to the world.

3 — Website Layout

Is there a lot of space or a lot of content? Does your website feel crowded or clean? Your website has a HUGE say in how your potential clients end up feeling after encountering your product or service for the first time. For example, if your brand is more youthful and upbeat, your website may have some lively transitions or animations that mirror that. On the opposite side of things, if your brand is more peaceful or down-to-earth, your website might be extremely simple and minimal.

4 — Photography

How was your brand photoshoot art directed? Are your photos moody, playful, or approachable? Photography plays a huge part in telling your brand’s story. Some brand might have more moody, off-center, or even black & white photography for a sophisticated or earthy vibe, while some brands might favor bright, saturated colors.

5 — Logo Design

Is your logo light & dainty or bold and confident? Just like your typography, your logo (whether it’s just a font, or has other graphic elements like an illustration or icon) should mirror what you want your potential customer to understand about your brand. Think of it like the first handshake in a meeting with someone who wants to buy from you - that first impression is everything. Take stock of what your current logo is “saying” to you - and you might realize it’s time for an upgrade.

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