The Steps in Our Design Process

One of the big questions we like to answer early on in our Discovery Calls with potential clients is: "What is your process like?" Our process is everything, and we stick to it like glue. Step into the shoes of a Hello June branding and web design client by following along with us below.


The very first step of the process involves the potential client filling out our intake questionnaire and scheduling a Discovery Call with us. This allows us to learn more about the client, their project, and their goals for their business. We'll then send over a comprehensive proposal, invoice schedule, and contract. The client books, pays their deposit (usually 25%), and signs the contract. Now the fun part begins!


The client fills out an in-depth branding questionnaire and a web questionnaire which our team reviews and discusses with the client on the 1-Hour Creative Direction call. We then jump into research on their audience, competition, and brand messaging and develop a Brand Strategy document that includes pages of foundational strategy, the initial color palette, and the initial moodboard. The client gets two optional rounds of refinement and then approves the Brand Strategy.

Brand Design

Brand Exploration & Design

We then jump into exploration for the client's brand, looking into many, many different directions before choosing the strongest concept to present in the Initial Concept Presentation (including the primary logo, secondary logo, tertiary logo, icons, icon marks, monogram marks, patterns, business card design, and examples of the brand in print and digital context.)

Brand Refinement

We move through two optional rounds of refinement and then approves the Brand Concept.

Brand Wrap-Up

We send over the Brand Identity Package that includes all versions of the clients' logos, social media and marketing graphics, and a comprehensive Style Guide. While the brand design is being completed, we are also working on web copy (two optional rounds of refinement are included with the web copy).

Web Design

Web Design & Development

We design the whole site as flat image mockups and then send to the client for review in two optional rounds of refinement. Then, our developers begin building out the site in the client's desired platform. We take care of setting up the client's portal, address all SEO needs, set up Google (and more advanced in some cases) analytics, and connect all relevant accounts (email marketing, etc.)

Web Refinement

Our clients get 5 business days to submit all refinements to the website once it is fully built out, and then our team addresses those refinements. We make sure the domain is ready to connect for launch week.

Web Launch

Launch week is a really fun phase! We discuss launch strategy with the client, prep the client's Web Launch Package (all web assets, mockups, social media and marketing graphics, "how-to" videos etc.), and make sure everything is good to go for launch. Then we set the site to "live" and celebrate!


We make sure the client has all assets we created in each portion of our process, and we send over a big (organized) folder containing everything they will need for launch (web photos and copy, launch graphics, etc.) We give our clients an opportunity to provide feedback on our process, send over a wrap gift (yay!) and tie up any loose ends. Clients that have been through the branding process with us are always welcome to reach out for additional design needs as their businesses grow, and we love supporting them even after or work together is complete!

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